Competitive Grants

The Leopold Center supports projects in areas that enhance sustainability for all Iowa agriculture. Since 1988, the Center's Competitive Grants Program has funded more than 500 research projects in every county in Iowa. The Competitive Grants Program is open to all Iowa educational and non-profit organizations. Each year, the Center selects new research and demonstration projects to fund.

Information for grantees

Grant Manual

Request For Pre-proposals (RFP)is issued in June of each year for funding in the next calendar year. Grants are awarded in each of the four research initiatives (Ecology, Marketing and Food Systems, Policy, and Cross-cutting). Each grant has a webpage that lists project goals and objectives, who is involved with the project, and Project Investigator (PI) contact information.


Completed Grants

Iowa State University Digital Repository

Completed Grant Reports are housed in the ISU Digital Repository. Also stored in the repository are the Center's annual reports, conference papers, proceedings, Pubs & Papers, Extension and Outreach publications, and The Leopold Letter quarterly newsletter.


Abstracts of completed grants: This publication includes summaries of approximately 400 projects funded by the Leopold Center between 1996-2015. Abstracts are listed by topic and year of project completion.