Latino groceries in the rural Midwest: An examination of food security, cultural identity, and economics [M2016-06]

Project Description: 

This project will attempt to understand the existing capacity, barriers, and opportunities for Latino groceries to connect and build relationships with local food producers and distributors. Findings from case study research will provide valuable information for store owners, regional food coordinators, local producers, community development specialists, and ISU Extension personnel. The project will explore ways to connect the rural Iowa Latino community to local food consumption through the community institution of the tienda (Latino grocery). An outgrowth of the research will be to develop best practice theories for connecting immigrant retail establishments to local food production. 

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Lead Investigator: 
Lisa M. Bates
Lead Investigator Bio: 

Lisa Bates is an ISU Extension specialist in community and economic development and lecturer for the interior design department. She holds degrees in marketing, transportation and logistics and gerontology as well as an MFA in interior design, all from Iowa State University. 


Co Investigators: 

Jon Wolseth, ISU Extension Community and Economic Development
Nora Ladjahasan, ISU College of Design